Major in Information Systems Management

Students may seek an academic major or minor in information systems management.

The information systems management major develops students' abilities to conceptualize and manage the design and implementation of high-quality information systems. The curriculum focuses on the concepts, methods, and practical applications of information systems in the workplace. Students are provided with the skills needed to make substantive contributions to the use of information systems in corporate decision making.

Intended Program Outcomes

The student who graduates with a major in information systems management should be able to

  • Evaluate, select, and apply appropriate analytical and measurement methods/tools and system development life cycle (SDLC) methodologies to meet organizational needs.
  • Research, assess, recommend/select, and implement information technology that aligns with business needs, provides capability for business continuity, and meets business objectives.
  • Effectively communicate with stakeholders orally, visually, and in writing to determine stakeholders' business requirements, explain how their requirements will be met, and provide ongoing audience-appropriate information.
  • Responsibly protect organizations' critical information and assets by integrating cybersecurity best practices and risk management throughout global enterprises.
  • Plan, execute, and evaluate technology solutions to achieve strategic goals by managing high-performing teams and projects.

Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements Update

Degree requirements are being updated for fall 2015. How does this affect you? Your degree requirements may vary depending on when you start your program.

A degree with a major in information systems management requires the successful completion of 120 credits of coursework, including 33 credits for the major; 41 credits in general education requirements; and 46 credits in the minor, electives, and other degree requirements. At least 17 credits in the major must be earned in upper-level courses (numbered 300 or above).

Requirements for the Information Systems Management Major

Coursework for a major in information systems management includes the following:

Recommended Sequence

The following course sequence will fulfill all the requirements for the BS in information systems management. Coursework for the major is indicated by Coursework for the major. Since some recommended courses fulfill more than one requirement, substituting courses for those listed may make it necessary to take additional courses to meet degree requirements. Students should consult an advisor whenever taking advantage of other options.

Information Systems Management Degree Courses

First Courses (to be taken within the first 18 credits)

Note: Placement tests are required for math and writing courses.

  • LIBS 150 Introduction to Research (1)
  • WRTG 101 Introduction to Writing (3)
    or WRTG 101S Introduction to Writing (3)
  • MATH 106 Finite Mathematics (3)
    or a higher-level math course

Introductory Courses (to be taken within the first 30 credits)

  • CMIS 102 Introduction to Problem Solving and Algorithm Design (3)
    or another programming language course (related requirement for the major)
  • HUMN 100 Introduction to Humanities (3)
    or other arts and humanities course
  • BIOL 103 Introduction to Biology (4)
    or other biological and physical sciences lecture and laboratory course(s)
  • IFSM 201 Concepts and Applications of Information Technology (3)
    (related requirement for the major; also fulfills the computing requirement)
  • WRTG 293 Introduction to Professional Writing (3)
    or other writing course
  • ECON 103 Economics in the Information Age (3)
    or other behavioral and social sciences course

Foundation Courses (to be taken within the first 60 credits)

  • BEHS 103 Technology in Contemporary Society (3)
    or other behavioral and social sciences course (discipline must differ from first)
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 300 Information Systems in Organizations (3)
  • NSCI 100 Introduction to Physical Science (3)
    or other biological and physical sciences lecture course
  • HIST 125 Technological Transformations (3)
    or other arts and humanities/historical perspective course (discipline must differ from other humanities course)
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 301 Foundations of Information Systems Management (3)
  • COMM 202 Media and Society (3)
    or other communication, writing, or speech course
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 304 Ethics in Information Technology (3)

Additional Required Courses (to be taken after introductory and foundation courses)

  • WRTG 393 Advanced Technical Writing (3)
    or other upper-level advanced writing course
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 310 Software and Hardware Infrastructure Concepts (3)
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 370 Telecommunication in Information Systems (3)
  • Coursework for the major CMIS 320 Relational Database Concepts and Applications (3)
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 311 Enterprise Architecture (3)
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 438 Information Systems Project Management (3)
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 461 Systems Analysis and Design (3)
  • Coursework for the major IFSM 441 Agile Project Management (3)
    or other supplemental major course

Capstone Course for Major (to be taken in the last 15 credits)

  • Coursework for the major IFSM 495 Trends and Practical Application in Information Systems Management(3)

Minor and/or Elective Courses (46)
(to be taken in the last 60 credits along with required major courses)

Recommended Minors

Business administration, cybersecurity, or marketing

Recommended Electives
  • MATH 140 Calculus I
    (for students who plan to go on to graduate school; students should note prerequisites)
  • WRTG 490 Writing for Managers

Total credits for BS in information systems management: 120

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