Minor in Terrorism and Critical Infrastructure

Students may seek an academic minor in terrorism and critical infrastructure.

The terrorism and critical infrastructure minor complements the knowledge and skills the student develops in his or her major discipline by offering an understanding of the principle components of protecting both public and private critical infrastructure from acts of terrorism.

Requirements for the Minor

A minor in terrorism and critical infrastructure requires the completion of 15 credits of coursework focusing on terrorism and critical infrastructure, chosen from the following courses:

  • CCJS 341 Criminal Investigation
  • CCJS 390 Cyber Crime and Security
  • CCJS 411 History of Intelligence and the U.S. National Intelligence Community
  • CCJS 412 The Intelligence Cycle
  • CCJS 413 Legal and Ethical Issues in Intelligence
  • CCJS 414 Intelligence Analysis
  • CCJS 415 Advanced Intelligence Analysis
  • CCJS 491 Institutional Security
  • GVPT 406 Global Terrorism
  • GVPT 407 State Terrorism
  • GVPT 408 Counterterrorism
  • GVPT 409 Terrorism, Antiterrorism, and Homeland Security
  • HIST 392 History of the Contemporary Middle East
  • HMLS 302 Introduction to Homeland Security
  • HMLS 304 Strategic Planning in Homeland Security
  • HMLS 406 Legal and Political Issues of Homeland Security
  • HMLS 408 Infrastructure in Homeland Security

Courses already applied toward other degree requirements (e.g., major or general education) may not be applied toward the minor. At least 9 credits must be earned in upper-level courses (numbered 300 or above). Prerequisites apply for all courses.

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