Certificate Award Deadlines

Certificates are awarded upon your successful completion of the required coursework. Notify your advisor early in the term of your intention to complete your certificate. An academic advisor will review your coursework prior to approving your completion of the certificate program.

As you work toward your certificate, keep in mind:

  • You must submit an online application through MyUMUC along with the $50 nonrefundable fee at the beginning of the term that you plan to finish your certificate.

  • A review of the coursework will be initiated after the certificate application and fee have been received.

  • If you are working toward a degree at the same time, you must apply for the certificate before graduating.

Certificate Application Deadlines

Month Certificate to be Conferred Deadline to Apply for Certificate Award
December October 1
May February 15
August June 15

All certificates will be issued and mailed by the registrar's office. Your transcript will be updated to reflect certificate completion. Only applications received by the deadline will be conferred in the term requested. The certificate will be mailed to you four to six weeks after the official issue date.