Degree Planning Worksheets

UMUC's undergraduate degree planning worksheets provide undergraduate students with a simple, efficient, and worry-free path to a bachelor’s degree. There are four key benefits to using a degree planning worksheet:

  • You can view all requirements for your entire degree at a glance.
  • Course requirements are presented in a recommended order to ensure you fulfill all prerequisites before you take on more complex material.
  • Recommended courses simplify course selection.
  • Recommended courses are widely available at UMUC sites in Maryland, overseas and online.

To find the degree planning worksheet (in Adobe Acrobat format) for your major, simply click on the appropriate link below. If you have not yet declared a major, but want guidance in selecting your first courses, refer to the general Degree Planning Worksheet. If you are ready to declare a major, then you should use the Degree Planning Worksheet for your major to plan your coursework. Questions? See Using Your Degree Planning Worksheet or contact a UMUC undergraduate new student advisor or academic advisor.