Global Master of Business Administration - Program Requirements

This program is no longer accepting new applications. To reflect the rapidly growing and changing field of Information Technology, UMUC has revised its related graduate programs. Current students have been contacted to ensure timely completion of the program or to discuss alternative programs of interest.

If you are a studently who is currently enrolled in the GMBA program, please use the curriculum requirements below to track your success as you earn your degree.

Curriculum Requirements
(Only for current students. This program is no longer accepting applications)

Current GMBA students will be able to complete their GMBA degree, taking both the requisite IMAN and GMBA courses.

  • The GMBA 660 country/region course with the international project trip will continue in its present format during the fall and spring semesters.
  • GMBA 653 and 655 are combined in a 6-credit course DMBA 604 – Technology and Operations Management for Dual Degree.
  • If you have completed either GMBA 653 or 655 but not the other course, we will be in touch with you to suggest a replacement for the remaining course.
  • GMBA 670 capstone course is taken as IMAN 670.

Global Management of Business Administration (GMBA) Degree Completion Requirements:
For Course Descriptions of the courses below, please consult the Spring 2007 or Fall 2006 Schedule of Classes provided at the end of this section.

  • IMAN 601 Strategic Management in a Global Environment (3)
  • IMAN 605 Taken as MGMT 615 - Intercultural Communication and Leadership (3)
  • IMAN 610 Economics for Global Managers (3)
  • IMAN 615 Strategic Investment and Partnering (3)
  • IMAN 625 International Trade and Trade Policy (3)
  • IMAN 631 Financial Management for Global Managers (6)
  • IMAN 640 Taken as MRKT 605 - International Marketing Management (3)
  • IMAN 645 International Legal and Tax Environment (3)
  • GMBA 653 & GMBA 655 Taken as DMBA 604 - Technology and Operations Management for Dual Degree (6)
  • GMBA 660 Taken twice Country/Region Projects (Includes a 14-day project-oriented international study trip) (3)
  • GMBA 670 Taken as IMAN 670 - Managing Overseas Operations (3)

The above requirements are for students currently enrolled in the GMBA program. Please note that this degree program is no longer accepting new applications.

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Course Descriptions (pre-fall 2007)
For Course Descriptions, please consult the: