Certificate in Criminal Justice Intelligence

This program is no longer accepting new applications.

As part of its ongoing curriculum review and refresh to better serve its students, UMUC has eliminated some of its undergraduate certificate programs. Current students have been contacted to ensure timely completion of the program or to discuss alternative programs of interest.

If you are enrolled in this program, please use the curriculum requirements below to track your success as you complete your certificate. Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions.

The criminal justice intelligence certificate prepares students for work in high-intensity drug trafficking areas nationwide. Students learn about the importance of interagency communication and cooperation among officers and personnel in this area, the history of the intelligence community and the political underpinnings for its current structure and processes, and the current intelligence cycle. Legal and ethical issues are presented within given scenarios. The program also provides experience with the decision-making process and reviews possible outcomes in common situations. With appropriate choice of major and elective courses, this certificate may be completed while pursuing the Bachelor of Science in criminal justice.

Note: Courses may be applied to only one certificate; some prerequisites may need to be fulfilled before beginning certificate courses.

Six required courses:

  • CCJS 341 Criminal Investigation (3)
  • CCJS 411 History of Intelligence and the U.S. National Intelligence Community (3)
  • CCJS 412 The Intelligence Cycle (3)
  • CCJS 413 Legal and Ethical Issues in Intelligence (3)
  • CCJS 414 Intelligence Analysis (3)
  • CCJS 415 Advanced Intelligence Analysis (3)

Total credits for certificate in Criminal Justice Intelligence: 18

Courses of Interest

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