Certificate in Fraud Investigation

This program is no longer accepting new applications.

As part of its ongoing curriculum review and refresh to better serve its students, UMUC has eliminated some of its undergraduate certificate programs. Current students have been contacted to ensure timely completion of the program or to discuss alternative programs of interest.

If you are enrolled in this program, please use the curriculum requirements below to track your success as you complete your certificate. Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions.

The fraud investigation certificate provides an interdisciplinary foundation of the core knowledge needed in the field of fraud investigation, both by law enforcement personnel and internal organizational personnel and consultants. The certificate is designed to enhance one's understanding of fraud, including motives, rationalization, and opportunity (the fraud triangle). Case studies and current events are used to analyze fraud from various points of view: incentives and pressures, the capacity to commit fraud, opportunity, and integrity (the fraud diamond).

Note: Courses may be applied to only one certificate; some prerequisites may need to be fulfilled before beginning certificate courses.

One of the following accounting foundation courses: 3

  • ACCT 220 Principles of Accounting I
  • ACCT 301 Accounting for Nonaccounting Managers

The following criminal justice foundation course:

  • CCJS 234 Criminal Procedure and Evidence (3)

One of the following investigation and deterrence courses in accounting: 3

One of the following investigation and deterrence courses in criminal justice: 3

One of the following courses: 3

The following required course:

  • ACCT 440 Forensic and Investigative Accounting (3)

Total credits for certificate in Fraud Investigation: 18

Courses of Interest

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