Doctor of Management - Pre-Fall 2007 Program Requirements

If you began the Doctor of Management program prior to fall 2007, please use the curriculum requirements below to track your success as you earn your degree.

Curriculum and Residency Requirements

The following is the optimal timeframe for doctoral degree completion. However, some students may take longer to complete their degrees. Full course descriptions are available in the graduate catalog or interactive schedule of classes.


Phase I

Curriculum (Pre-Fall 2007)

Residency (Pre-Fall 2007)

  • DMGT 700 – Management: Theory, History, Philosophy, and Practice (3 credits)

  • DMGT 705 – Systems Thinking and Systems Dynamics (3 credits)

  • DMGT 710 – Economic Factors of Competition (3 credits)

  • DMGT 720 – Research Methods for Management Decision-Making (3 credits)

  • DMGT 715 – Technological Factors in Organizations (3 credits)

  • DMGT 725 – Problem Solving and Practical Research Design (3 credits)

  • DMGT 730 – Research Design and Specialization Framework (3 credits)

  • DMGT 740 – Managing in the Global Environment (3 credits)

  • DMGT 745 – Technological Innovation Management (3 credits)

  • DMGT 750 – Advanced Readings in Management (3 credits)

  • DMGT 760 – Literature Review in Management (3 credits)

  • DMGT 770 –Integrated Research in Management (3 credits)

Orientation: September 7, 2006

All courses in Phase I require some residency, this involves a minimum of two trips to campus for all-day face-to-face sessions.


Phase II

Comprehensive Examination (Pre-Fall 2007)
Comprehensive Examination - The comprehensive examination is a written examination. The examination takes approximately eight hours to complete and is administered at the UMUC campus in the presence of a proctor. Advancement to Candidacy - Students who pass the comprehensive examination will advance to candidacy and will then register for DMGT 799. DMGT 799 - Dissertation Research (1 credit) Please note that students will only register for DMGT 799 AFTER passing the comprehensive examination.

Students will identify dissertation committee members and have them approved before moving to Phase IV.

In order for students to advance to candidacy (Phase IV) they are required to take and pass a comprehensive examination that focuses on all coursework up to that point. This must occur BEFORE the start of DMGT 791.


Phase III

Curriculum (Pre-Fall 2007)

Residency(Pre-Fall 2007)

  • DMGT 791 – Dissertation Research: Proposal (3 credits)
  • DMGT 792 – Dissertation Research: Concept/Stakeholder Paper (3 credits)
  • DMGT 793 – Dissertation Research I (6 credits)
  • DMGT 799 – Dissertation Research (1 credit) for continuing registration if needed.

Dissertation presentation before dissertation committee – date arranged with committee.Colloquia presentation – date arranged with committee.

Note: Students are required to present and defend their proposals and dissertations


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