Certificate in Terrorism and Institutions: Prevention and Response

This program is no longer accepting new applications.

As part of its ongoing curriculum review and refresh to better serve its students, UMUC has eliminated some of its undergraduate certificate programs. Current students have been contacted to ensure timely completion of the program or to discuss alternative programs of interest.

If you are enrolled in this program, please use the curriculum requirements below to track your success as you complete your certificate. Contact your academic advisor if you have any questions.

The certificate in terrorism and institutions explores how institutions confront terrorism and the aftermath of terrorist acts. Institutions examined include government agencies, private security organizations, schools, and commercial enterprises. The certificate addresses emerging terrorist threats and the institutional response to terrorist acts. It can benefit security individuals who are in charge of protecting government facilities, private security agency employees, police officers, detective agents, public health and public safety administrators and officers, counterterrorism professionals, and the general public.

Note: Courses may be applied to only one certificate; some prerequisites may need to be fulfilled before beginning certificate courses.

Three required courses:

  • CCJS 491 Institutional Security (3)
  • GVPT 406 Global Terrorism (3)
  • GVPT 409 Terrorism, Antiterrorism, and Homeland Security (3)

An institutional response elective chosen from the following: 3

A specialized supporting elective chosen from the following: 3

A second specialized supporting elective chosen from the above list: 3

Total credits for certificate in Terrorism and Institutions: Prevention and Response: 18

Courses of Interest

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