Master of Science in Accounting and Information Systems

Program Objectives

Graduates of this program will be able to:

  • Successfully apply accounting and information technology concepts, principles, and techniques in the analysis and resolution of accounting systems problems and opportunities within their organizations
  • Effectively communicate accounting and information technology ideas, concepts and solutions
  • Evaluate the effects of technology on an organization's accounting system
  • Evaluate issues and innovations in accounting and in information technology, and their effects on managerial decision-making
  • Evaluate and design accounting and information systems to meet organizational goals
  • Develop and evaluate alternative solutions to organizational problems


An articulation agreement between The Graduate School and The Undergraduate School allows students who completed their undergraduate degree at UMUC with a major in accounting to reduce their total coursework for the graduate degree by up to 6 credits (two courses) and complete both degrees with a total of 150 credits of coursework.

The Graduate School will accept the following toward the completion of the MS in accounting and financial management, accounting and information systems, or management with a specialization in accounting for a maximum of 6 credits:

  • Both ACCT 410 Accounting for Government and Not-for-Profit Organizations and ACCT 425 International Accounting in lieu of ACCT 665 Selected Topics in Accounting: International, Government, and Nonprofit Accounting
  • Both ACCT 427 Advanced Auditing and ACCT 433 Audit and Control of Information in lieu of ACCT 612 Auditing Process

The substitutions listed above are the only substitutions possible. Credits eligible for sharing must have been completed no earlier than four years before the beginning of graduate studies. A minimum grade of B must be earned in each of the undergraduate classes for the credits to be accepted at the graduate level.

Career Path

The MSAS program prepares graduates for a number of entry-, mid-, and high-level positions, as determined by a student's work experience. Depending on a student's background and an employer's criteria, graduates of the MSAS program may qualify for positions such as:

  • CIO Liaison with the CFO Office
  • CFO Liaison with the CIO Office
  • Public Accountant or Auditor
  • Government Accountant or Auditor
  • Management or Systems Analyst
  • Fraud Examiner or Internal Auditor

Student Profile

The program will assist students who are:

  • Currently in an accounting or information technology position and want to raise their knowledge base to move into a position focused on Accounting Information Systems or Accounting Information Technology or serve as liaison between the information technology department and organization executives
  • Currently in an accounting or information technology position and want to raise their knowledge base to move into a position either in the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) or the Chief Information Officer (CIO) career path
  • Currently not in an accounting or information technology position and want to increase their knowledge base to enable a move into one or the other without becoming so specialized that they lose flexibility

Dual Degree

Enhance your credentials! Graduates of the Master of Science in Accounting and Information Systems can elect to pursue a dual degree in the following area:

MS in Accounting and Information Systems / MS in Accounting and Financial Management

Today, understanding the impact of financial analyses in decision making and performance management is critically important. By taking just a few additional classes, you can assume greater responsibilities within any organization with this powerful educational combination.

Required Courses

Students must complete all requirements for the first degree before beginning the second degree. All courses except FIN 645 must be completed before enrolling in MSAF 670. Degree is available both ways.

UCSP 615 Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC (0), to be taken within the first 6 credits of study

  • MGMT 640 Financial Decision Making for Managers (3)
  • FIN 610 Financial Management in Organizations (3)
  • FIN 620 Long-Term Financial Management (3)
  • FIN 630 Investment Valuation (3)
  • FIN 645 Behavioral Finance (3)
Capstone Course

MSAF 670 Accounting and Financial Management Capstone (3)

Course Sequencing

Note: If you began a dual degree program prior to fall 2007, some of your course names and numbers may have been updated. Please review the Dual Degree Study Plans for more information.

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Dual Degree Options

With just a few additional courses, you can enhance the power of your MSAIT by pursuing a second degree in the following areas:

  • MS in Accounting and Financial Management

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