Master of Science in Environmental Management

Professional Science Master'sThis program has been designated a Professional Science Master's Degree through the Council of Graduate Schools.

The need to preserve our environment has become a priority. Get the skills you need to identify options for effectively managing land and water resources for the benefit of all society. Your comprehensive knowledge of pollution prevention, waste management, development of environmental management systems will make you a sought-after leader in the rapidly growing field.

The Master of Science in Environmental Management is designed to provide the skills, knowledge, and competencies that students need to function effectively in multiple environmental management settings. The courses are interrelated and provide a solid conceptual and applied foundation in environmental management.

Program Overview

The degree program requires 36 credits and consists of twelve courses.

Dual Degree Options

With just a few additional courses, you can also pursue a second degree in business administration. Explore dual degree options.


Program Rules

ENVM 648 and ENVM 646 must be taken within the first 9 credits of study.


  1. Students who wish to improve their graduate writing skills may take COMM 600, Academic Writing for Graduate Students (3).
  2. Students should have a minimum of one undergraduate course each in chemistry and biology from an accredited university or college.

Required Courses

UCSP 615 Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC (0), to be taken within the first 6 credits of study.

  • ENVM 648 Fundamentals of Environmental Systems (3)
  • ENVM 641 Environmental Auditing (3)
  • ENVM 643 Environmental Communications and Reporting (3)
  • ENVM 646 Environmental/Energy Law and Policy Development (3)
  • ENVM 647 Environmental Risk Assessment (3)
  • ENVM 649 Principles of Waste Management and Pollution Control (3)
  • ENVM 644 New Technologies in Environmental Management (3)
  • ENVM 650 Environmental and Natural Resources Economics (3)
  • ENVM 651 Watershed Planning Management (3)
  • ENVM 652 Principles of Air Quality Management (3)
  • ENVM 653 Land Use Management (3)
Capstone Course

ENVM 670 Seminar in Environmental Management (3)

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Master of Science in Environmental Management

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