Master of Science in Management: Homeland Security Management

Homeland Security Management Specialization

The Homeland Security Management specialization provides managers and practitioners with the background to prepare for and deal with a wide range of man-made and natural threats and vulnerabilities at the community and organizational level.

The curriculum prepares students to perform security risk assessments and to develop strategies to mitigate threats to people, physical facilities, and information-dependent critical infrastructure, as well to plan for and manage operational recovery.

Courses also explore the evolving roles within various first responder communities regarding pre-event planning and post-event response.

Articulation Agreement

Students who complete their undergraduate degree at UMUC with a major in Homeland Security can reduce the total coursework for the graduate degree by up to 6 credits (two courses) and complete both degrees with a total of 150 credits of coursework. More information is available in the Articulation Agreement.

Career Path

The MSM program prepares graduates for a number of entry-, mid-, and high- level positions, as determined by a student's work experience.

Depending on a student's background and an employer's criteria, graduates of the Homeland Security Management specialization may qualify for these positions:

  • Enterprise Chief Operation Officers
  • Facility and Plant Managers
  • Facility Security Officers
  • Military Planners
  • Federal, State, and Local Government Emergency Planners and Policy Makers
  • Law Enforcement, Emergency, and Medical Practitioners and Administrators



Students who have not taken a finance course recently are strongly encouraged to take UCSP 620 and UCSP 621 prior to taking MGMT 640.

Students who have not had any recent statistics use should take UCSP 630 prior to taking MGMT 650.

Students who wish to improve their graduate writing skills may take COMM 600, Academic Writing for Graduate Students (3).

Core Required Courses

UCSP 615 Orientation to Graduate Studies at UMUC (0), to be taken within the first 6 credits of study

  • MGMT 610 Organizational Theory (3)
  • MGMT 615 Intercultural Communication and Leadership (3)
  • MGMT 640 Financial Decision Making for Managers (3)
  • MGMT 650 Statistics for Managerial Decision Making (3)
Capstone Course

MGMT 670 Strategic Management Capstone (3)

Clustered Course Option

MGMT 630 Organizational Theory and Behavior in a Global Environment (6) is a six-credit course. Students who receive credit for MGMT 630 may not receive credit for MGMT 610 or MGMT 615.

Core Rules

  1. MGMT 610 must be taken within the first 6 credits of the MS in Management program.
  2. Students must complete 24 credits, including other core requirements, before enrolling in MGMT 670.
  3. MGMT 640 and MGMT 650 should not be completed simultaneously.
  4. MGMT 640 is prerequisite to FIN 610 in the Financial Management specialization.

Homeland Security Management (HSMN) Specialization Required Courses

  • HSMN 610 Concepts in Homeland Security (3)
  • HSMN 625 Critical Infrastructures (3)
  • HSMN 630 Resilience Planning and Preparedness for Disaster Response and Recovery (3)
  • INFA 660 The Law, Regulation and Ethics of Information Assurance (3)
  • BSBD 641 Biosecurity and Bioterrorism (3)
  • HSMN 640 Energy Infrastructure Security (3)
Capstone Course

HSMN 670 Seminar in Homeland Security (3)

HSMN 670 has a prerequisite of 24 credits, including all other specialization courses.*

Specialization Rules

  • HSMN 610 must be taken as one of the first two specialization courses.

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