Tk20 HigherEd

Tk20 HigherEd is a comprehensive assessment and management system that supports all students and programs within UMUC's Department of Education.

With the Tk20 HigherEd system, you can

  • Get one-stop access to course-related materials to help you meet your program's requirements.
  • Build your artifacts in an online location that will remain available to you for seven years.
  • Obtain a fully documented record of your field experience, student teaching and/or clinical practice.
  • Export your portfolio to a CD-ROM for your personal records, presentation to faculty or for use in job interviews.
  • Access online student teaching application forms (for Master of Arts in Teaching students only).
  • In addition, the system will allow our faculty to provide you with more immediate assessments and program recommendations.

Tk20 Purchase and Use Requirements

  1. UMUC's Department of Education is committed to excellence in instruction and seeks to assign the most effective faculty, course content and assessment to its courses.
  2. All UMUC Department of Education faculty and students participate in the GSMT and Department of Education systematic evaluation process, which includes, but is not limited to, use of the Tk20 Assessment Management System for specific course assignments, rubrics and development of student artifacts and portfolios.
  3. As a degree-seeking student in the Graduate School's Department of Education MAT or MEd program or as a certificate-seeking student in the   Department's Instructional Technology Integration Certificate program, students are required to purchase a one-time $100 subscription to Tk20 HigherEd before their first class begins. This is a comprehensive assessment and management system, which will support all students and programs within the department.
  4. The use of the Tk20 assessment management system and the GSMT and Department evaluation process has three purposes: (1) to provide program directors and faculty with feedback on the quality of teaching in order to encourage improvement; and (2) to provide UMUC staff with the data necessary to ensure that instruction is effective; and (3) to provide students an ongoing virtual storage space for program portfolios, course assignments each semester and to provide access to them for 7 years.
  5. Department of Education faculty will assess specific student assignments using the Tk20 system each semester.
  6. Department of Education faculty will consolidate Tk20 rubric data for GSMT Assessment as scheduled.
  7. MAT/MEd degree-seeking students and certificate-seeking students in the Instructional Technology Integration certificate program who have not purchased a Tk20 subscription will have their course grade withheld.