Welcome to the Graduate School at University of Maryland University College.

As a student pursuing an education that goes above and beyond, you have my respect. At UMUC, we recognize the delicate balance of time, effort, and financial commitment it takes to go back to school to earn a master's or doctoral degree.

You are likely working, serving in the military, or raising a family while you pursue your education. So I'd like to share with you a few of the important ways that we're making the most of your time.

We focus on your professional success in every aspect. Our educational programs are taught and designed by industry leaders. So while you're learning in your courses, you're also making connections to a network of people that can help move you up the career ladder. We use projects, case studies, and data sets to solve real-world problems. We prepare you to pass industry certifications, the practical building blocks you need to get ahead.

Additionally, as the working world evolves, more professional teams conduct business an online environment. As you learn online with UMUC, you're building up your experience and skills in this area as you reach out to team members across the country or even the world to come together to meet a common goal.

We extend our respect to you by making every second—the hours after the kids go to sleep, the months in between deployments, the working weekends—count.

Along with my staff, I'm ready to assist you in meeting your goals and making your experience more rewarding. Please contact my office at graddean@umuc.edu if you ever need assistance. We welcome your input to improve our programs, and we hope you will stay in touch and provide feedback.

Aric Krause, PhD
Dean and Vice Provost
The Graduate School