Policy 390.20

Official Meal Expenses

Originator: Chief Financial Officer/Vice President for Administration

Subject: Official Meal Expenses

  1. Statewide Division
    UMUC recognizes that employees may need to pay for meals of official (non-State, non-University) guests. These meals should be served at UMUC's facilities whenever possible. If the employee pays for the meals, UMUC will reimburse the employee for the full value of the employee and guest's meal provided an itemized receipt is submitted. The employee must write the name of each guest and the purpose of the meeting on the receipt. Expenditures for alcoholic beverages are not reimbursable.
  2. Overseas Division
    In view of the special nature of the overseas programs, the guidelines for the State of Maryland concerning expenses for official meals may or may not be appropriate. It is recognized that official guests may occasionally have to be taken to lunch or dinner. In such cases, it is important that the following information be included in the request for reimbursement:
    1. The name of the guest.
    2. The function of the guest.
    3. The purpose of the luncheon or dinner meeting.

    Consistent with local custom or the nature of the occasion, it may occasionally be necessary for spouses to be included in such meetings. In this case, prior authorization should be obtained from the Division Director. There are a number of meals or meetings that need to be held as a result of regular operations of the overseas program or following local customs of the host countries. Examples of the first category are commencement exercises, faculty meetings, etc. An example of the latter category would be Christmas or similar parties customary in the host country. Spouses may be included in such functions.

    In all of these instances, there should be clear authorization by the Division Director spelling out the purpose of such functions.

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