Policy 440.20

Contacting Personnel During Working Hours

Originator: Office of Human Resources

Subject: Contacting Personnel During Work Hours

In accordance with the University System of Maryland's (USM) Policy on Soliciting Personnel During Work Hours (VII-2.20), approved by the Board of Regents on February 28, 1992, University of Maryland University College (UMUC) strives to ensure that all UMUC employees are provided with an undisturbed opportunity to perform their assigned duties and responsibilities.

The following guidelines have been put into place:

  1. Solicitation of any UMUC employee for any purpose during work hours is prohibited without express written approval by the President or his designee.
  2. Members of the staff may only attend UMUC or USM sponsored or authorized meetings during work hours. Attendance at other meetings during work hours requires the approval of the employee's immediate supervisor and the use of earned, available leave.
  3. Creditors and solicitors wishing to contact employees during work hours shall be referred to the Office of Human Resources.
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Date 10/14/13 3/9/01