Policy 170.80

Guidelines for Expense Reimbursement Related to Professional Development

Originator: President

Subject: Guidelines for Expense Reimbursement Related to Professional Development

  1. Introduction
    Cost containment is and will continue to remain a major concern to UMUC. Yet, at the same time, activities of vital importance to UMUC must be continued where possible. One of these areas is staff development. Support for staff development activities is important for the following reasons:

    1. To enable staff to directly carry out or meet the requirements of their jobs, or to officially represent UMUC at approved functions.
    2. To meet the needs for professional staff to sustain growth in their areas of academic expertise and to make scholarly contributions to their fields.
    3. To encourage all staff to strive for excellence in achieving professional and personal growth in the pursuit of their chosen careers. Although UMUC will not be able to fund as many staff development requests involving conference/training activities and travel as would be desirable, efforts will be made to do so where possible. A goal is that, during each fiscal year, at least 80 percent of the professional staff will have participated in at least one professional activity, with 50 percent of the staff having attended two or more. In pursuing this goal, staff should consider the increasing number of excellent in-house training activities provided by UMUC, as well as no-cost or low-cost local area professional events.
  2. Guidelines
    To ensure that UMUC funds for professional development purposes are administered equitably, the following guidelines shall be followed and taken into account in the planning and budgeting for staff development activities involving travel or other costs:

    1. Full reimbursement of expenses associated with travel is authorized for travel to conduct approved UMUC programs or activities, or as a UMUC representative. Examples: teach a NSEP course in Louisiana, conduct negotiations for a new program in Illinois or China, represent UMUC at a national conference/meeting, participate in training required for performance on the job.
    2. Reimbursement of 75% of expenses associated with travel is authorized when the individual is a major keynote invited speaker at a national or international conference (either the major or 1 of 2 or 3 featured speakers) to which UMUC would not otherwise send a representative. Acceptance of contributed papers or participation in a panel discussion at such a conference would not qualify for a 75% reimbursement.
    3. Reimbursement of 50% of expenses associated with travel is authorized when the individual has received acceptance of a contributed paper or participation in a panel discussion at a UMUC- approved conference. This professional development activity must be recommended by the supervisor and approved by the unit head and appropriate VP.
    4. A person may be approved for reimbursement under 2. or 3. above no more than once each fiscal year. Unit head approval for paper presentation or participation in conferences must be requested before the proposal/paper is submitted.
    5. The unit head, with concurrence of the Executive Vice President, may authorize exceptions to the above guidelines that meet the spirit and intent of the guidelines, e.g., full reimbursement of registration fee for local conferences that would normally fall under paragraph 2. or 3. above.

    Travel expenses must be approved in advance, according to existing policy. No travel expenses will be reimbursed without this prior approval. A trip report must accompany expense statements for non-routine travel, including all conference travel.

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