Policy 460.40

Outside Professional Consultancy

Originator: Office of Human Resources

Subject: Outside Professional Consultancy and Extra-University Professional Services

UMUC employs and seeks to retain faculty, administrators and professional staff persons who are highly competent. Their professional services are attractive to and are sought by business, industry, governmental agencies at all levels, and by professional societies and organizations. When prudently chosen and properly pursued on a selective basis and without conflict of interest, consulting and other professional service opportunities may increase their competence and enhance their value to UMUC and to the community. An appropriate policy pertaining to consultancy and other professional services should make it possible for society to benefit from their professional competence, for the public service role of UMUC to be strengthened, for them continually to improve their competence, and for students to be instructed, advised and supervised by persons who are at the frontiers of knowledge in their respective disciplines.

Consulting and other forms of professional service provide a unique mechanism for overcoming the gap between the time at which new knowledge becomes available within UMUC and the time when this new knowledge reaches the community off campus for utilization in the resolution of problems. In addition, and perhaps equally important, the external interaction guides UMUC scholars in identifying significant problems and in relating their priorities to the needs of other people.

To achieve the benefits which are inherent in systematic interaction, without causing a drain on the human, physical and financial resources assignable to UMUC's central mission, the following conditions pertain to persons who are full-time members of UMUC faculty, professional staff and academic administrative staff. UMUC has a diversity of professions and disciplines; there may be need for specific policies to meet the needs of specific areas, and the Board of Regents will continue to consider such policies.

  1. A full-time appointment with UMUC is considered a professional commitment with components of instruction, student advisement and direction, research, service and administration. These may vary in their relative distribution of time according to the particular talents and interests of the faculty member, administrator, or professional staff person, and the needs of the academic or administrative unit as determined by the chairman or other responsible administrator within UMUC policy.
  2. Consulting projects of a professional nature, and other extra-University professional activities, either donated or income producing, may be undertaken only when it is assured that all UMUC responsibilities associated with a given position are fully satisfied and can continue to be met. Reports of all paid extra-University professional work will be made at the close of each semester to the head of the unit in which the faculty member, administrator, or professional staff person is employed. The report shall include the amount of time worked, the company or agency for which the work was performed, and the general nature of the work, provided, however, the report need not disclose the names of clients, or patients, or any information which would involve a breach of ethical standards of the person's profession. Departmental summaries will be forwarded through administrative channels to the President's office.
  3. Consultancy or professional services which carry a stipend and are rendered to another state agency in Maryland shall be reviewed and approved in advance. This approval shall involve the President's office and the Chancellor's office.
  4. Faculty, administrators and professional staff members are not eligible for financial reimbursement for serving as consultants on contracts or grants administered through UMUC. In unusual and exceptional cases a waiver from rule may be requested. A waiver requires the prior approval of the President and the Chancellor.
  5. The annual leave period for ten-month persons is a designated period of fifteen days at a time stated in the Agreement or modified by annual letter, and for twelve-month persons a twenty-two workday period taken at a time, or at times, satisfactory to the head or chairman of the department. Extra-University work undertaken during this official leave and during the non-contracted employment period need not be reported to UMUC although it is optional for the faculty member to do so.
  6. If a faculty member is employed on a full-time basis by UMUC during a session of the Summer School, the conditions stated in this policy for the regular term apply to the summer session as well.
  7. Consultancy or professional services will be undertaken only when their performance gives promise of enhancing professional competence. Extreme caution must be exercised to avoid conflict of interest.
  8. UMUC resources are not to be used unless UMUC is reimbursed in accordance with prior arrangements. These will include an identification of the costs and a firm, formal agreement specifying when the costs will be reimbursed.
  9. The individual may not convey through his outside work any endorsement by UMUC of his recommendations or results.
  10. No individual shall enter into any agreement in the pursuit of consultancy services which conflicts with UMUC's patent policy. UMUC's patent policy and the rights and duties arising thereunder shall not be affected by any agreement entered into by any individual (absent written waiver or consent by the President and the Chancellor of the USM).
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Date 10/14/13 10/1/96