Policy 380.50

Payment of Candidate Travel and Moving Expenses

Originator: Office of Human Resources

Subject: Payment of Candidate Travel and Moving Expenses

  1. Candidate Travel Expenses
  2. UMUC may authorize payment for travel expenses of applicants who are interviewed for positions if the Director of Personnel determines that applicants are in short supply. Candidates for UMUC positions may be reimbursed for automobile expenses at the prevailing rate for mileage, or for air, train or bus travel at tourist rates. Reimbursement for reasonable lodging and meals may be made.

  3. Moving Expenses
  4. Historically within UMUC, allowances for moving expenses have not been authorized; however, there are exceptional cases in which it may be essential to the University to authorize the payment of expenses. In such cases the following policy will apply for individuals appointed to positions in short supply. The President may, but is not required to, authorize partial or full payment of moving expenses of normal household goods. Authorization is allowed only when the distance between the former residence and the assigned place of work for UMUC exceeds 35 miles.
    Reference: USM Policy VII - 4.40

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Policy Number 380.50 380.50
Date 10/14/13 08/30/94