Policy 400.15

Performance Development Program

Originator: President

Subject: Performance Development Program (PDP)

University of Maryland University College recognizes that a core competency of the University is its ability to recognize, develop, and retain a highly effective staff. Toward that end, UMUC has instituted the following performance model to be known as the PERFORMANCE DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM (PDP).

  1. Policy
    1. The PDP will be utilized by all managers at UMUC to monitor performance for all exempt and nonexempt staff. The PDP is intended to have a twofold purpose:
      1. Performance evaluation and improvement; and ongoing staff development.
      2. The PDP form serves as the primary instrument for the eligibility for annual salary increases, including steps granted to nonexempt employees on July 1 of each year.
      3. The PDP cycle will be the twelve-month period beginning on January 1 and ending on December 31.
      4. If a supervisor leaves a position during the rating period, it is expected that the supervisor will complete the process prior to departure from the unit. It is the responsibility of the second level supervisor to ensure that the PDP process is continued for the balance of the rating period.
      5. The PDP process is ongoing. Operational objectives are subject to modification during the rating period as the needs of the unit and UMUC change.
      6. All completed PDP forms will be retained for two years by the supervisor in the unit in which they originated.
      7. The PDP process will be reviewed on a regular basis to assess its current effectiveness and will be amended as required to carry out the intent of the policy.
      8. If an employee wishes to appeal his/her evaluation, the UMS grievance policy will be followed.
  2. Procedures
    1. All New UMUC Employees
      1. The PDP form will be sent to the unit head of the department making the appointment by the Office of Personnel Services. (Along with a letter from the President)
      2. PHASE I. Unit heads are responsible to see the PDP process is initiated for each new employee or transfer employee within 60 days of employment in the unit.
      3. PHASE II. Individual supervisors should be encouraged to have discussions regarding performance factors throughout the period.
      4. PHASE III. Employees who are hired after November 1 should begin the PDP process as soon as possible (but no later than 60 days from the date of employment); however, Phase III will not be completed until the second January after the date of hire.
    2. Current Employees
      1. Unit heads will receive blank PDP forms from the Office of Personnel Services on an annual basis.
      2. PHASE I. Units are responsible for ensuring that PDP forms are completed and an initial meeting is held by April 30.
      3. PHASE II. Individual supervisors should be encouraged to have discussions regarding performance factors throughout the period.
      4. PHASE III. It is mandatory that all PDP for UMUC staff members be completed by January 31.
      5. After the completion of Phase III, unit heads are required to submit a copy of page 1 of each employee's PDP to the Office of Personnel Services by February 15.
      6. Transfers. If an employee leaves a unit at any time following probation for a new position with UMUC, it is the responsibility of the unit head to ensure that a PDP Form is completed for that individual. If the employee transfers to the new unit after November 1, the PDP will be completed by the original supervisor. If the employee transfers before November 1, the PDP will be completed by the new supervisor.
      7. Separation. If an employee terminates employment with UMUC during the period, it is recommended that the supervisor complete the PDP process prior to the employee's separation.
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