Policy 440.21

Visitors in the Workplace

Originator: Office of Human Resources

Subject: Policy on Visitors in the Workplace

  1. Policy

    University of Maryland University College seeks to provide a workplace for all employees that is professional and free from distractions.

  2. Definition

    For the purposes of this Policy, visitors in the workplace are defined as non-employees who do not have official business with the University. Visitors in the workplace may include children, spouses, relatives, and friends of employees.

  3. Guidelines
    1. Individual department or unit supervisors may impose restrictions on visitors in the workplace which are appropriate for the successful operation of that department or unit.
    2. Except when approved in advance by the department or unit supervisor, all visitors in the workplace may be restricted from visits to the workplace.
    3. The work site is not a substitute for a day care center. Employees are responsible for arranging alternative day care or using vacation leave, sick leave or leave without pay, as appropriate.
    4. The employee shall be responsible for the acts of visitors in the workplace and shall supervise their children when they visit.
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Date 10/14/13 8/10/01