Policy 420.60

Salary Increments for Advanced Degrees

Originator: Office of Human Resources

Subject: Salary Increments for Additional Education

  1. Purpose
    1. University of Maryland University College is committed to the professional and educational development of its faculty and staff members.
    2. The purpose of the Salary Increments for Advanced Degrees policy is to outline when faculty and staff members are eligible for a salary increase based on completion of an advanced degree.
  2. Scope
    1. This policy applies to all UMUC Stateside employees except for the following classifications: contingent 1 exempt and non-exempt, student workers (including Federal Work Study), Graduate Assistants, 9-month collegiate faculty, and adjunct faculty.
    2. The salary increase stipulated in this policy applies to degrees awarded on April 18, 2006 or after.
  3. Policy
    1. Eligible staff and faculty shall be awarded an increase of $1000 to the base annual salary upon completion of each of:
      1. the first Bachelor's degree,
      2. the first Master's degree, and/or
      3. the first Doctorate degree.
    2. The degree must be awarded by a regionally accredited or equivalent institution.
    3. The increase will become effective the first pay period following the receipt by the Office of Human Resources of the following:
      1. Education Increase Request and a
      2. Employee's official transcript or other institution specific official document which indicates the specific degree and the date the degree was awarded.
  4. Forms
    1. Education Increase Request
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