Policy 100.15

Staff Transfer Opportunities

Originator: Office of Human Resources

Subject: Policy and Procedure on Staff Transfer Opportunities

  1. Statement of Policy
    UMUC actively supports opportunities for UMUC staff to advance their careers within UMUC and transfer to new positions. These opportunities contribute to employee motivation, satisfaction, productivity and retention as well as contribute to UMUC's ongoing effort to effectively manage and recognize talent. UMUC staff will not be retaliated against for seeking transfer opportunities.

  2. Purpose of Policy
    The purpose of this Policy is to i) encourage career advancement within UMUC and ii) provide a competitive process for all internal and external applicants for a position while maintaining UMUC operational efficiency and effectiveness.

  3. Procedure
    1. An application for a transfer to another UMUC position must comply with all processes and procedures employed by the UMUC Office of Human Resources. In addition, an application for transfer will be considered competitively along with all other applicants for the position.
    2. UMUC desires to give the applicant's experience with UMUC due consideration. Therefore, if an applicant for a transfer is considered for a position, UMUC shall seek references, which may be in writing, from the applicant's current and past managers within UMUC and other UMUC employees, in addition to those named by the applicant. Submission of an application acknowledges consent to these references.
    3. UMUC employees are eligible to apply for a transfer to a position outside of his/her current department after completing 12 months active duty experience in his/her current position. Applicants not meeting this eligibility requirement will not be considered for the position, unless an exception is made on a case by case basis by the President or her/his designee.
    4. The processes and procedures in place as of the date of this Policy for applying for staff positions, including applications for transfer, may be found at the staff portal
    5. UMUC staff desiring to find transfer and advancement opportunities are referred to the staff portal where open positions are posted and are invited to apply for appropriate positions. UMUC managers who have open positions are discouraged from encouraging employees in other departments to apply, other than referring them to the posting. Applicants for transfer are discouraged from discussing their application and the position with the manager of that position. Both activities may interfere with the competitive nature of the application process.
    6. When an applicant for transfer has been selected for a new position, at least two weeks notice must be given. However, the applicant's current and new manager may agree to a longer or shorter notice period.
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