Biotechnology Capstone Course

Rana Khan, PhD, Program Director

Mary Murrel, MS, Academic Coordinator

Capstone Course Description

During the biotechnology program capstone class, students conduct in-depth analyses of cross-cutting business and technical issues such as bioterrorism, bioethics, nanotechnology, entrepreneurship, sources of capital, and marketing. The course addresses trends in biotechnology, the elements of ethical management, and the sociological aspects of biotechnology. Students integrate prior core content areas through case analysis and the development of a start-up design for a new biotechnology venture. Prerequisites: Completion of 27 semester hours, including 21 semester hours of core courses.

Biotechnology Companies Supporting the Capstone Project

Our student teams in the capstone class have worked with a number of companies over the past few semesters to do projects proposed by the company and required by the course. This has been a mutually beneficial relationship, as companies have gained valuable reports and the student teams’ have gained priceless hands-on experience.

Some of the companies that have participated in the capstone class projects are: