Baltimore Police Department Criminal Justice Development Program

Apply Credits Toward a UMUC Degree

Students who have earned the 16 credits in the Criminal Justice Leadership Development program may be able to transfer those credits toward an undergraduate degree program at UMUC.

Undergraduate Degree

The 16 credits earned through the leadership program are transferable to UMUC's Criminal Justice and Investigative Forensic degree programs. Credits may also be transferred as electives toward other undergraduate degrees. Police academy graduates may also transfer up to 15 credit hours for academy learning, upon consultation with an academic advisor.

Graduate Degree

Students who successfully complete the leadership program and who already possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution are eligible to waive the following courses in the MSM in Criminal Justice degree program:

  • MGMT 615 Intercultural Communication and Leadership
  • CJMS 610  Perspectives in Law Enforcement Management

The Graduate School will waive credit for the following course toward the Certificate in Criminal Justice Management:

  • CJMS 610 Perspectives in Law Enforcement Management

For credits to be applied toward a graduate program, courses must have been completed through UMUC’s Criminal Justice Leadership Development program no earlier than five years prior to the beginning of graduate studies.

After completing a bachelor's degree program, all students meeting UMUC's eligibility criteria can apply to a graduate program. Find more information on graduate degree programs.

For information about transferring your program credits, contact:

Shelby Sours
Senior Account Manager
Corporate Learning Solutions, UMUC