Business Administration

Welcome from Director

Patricia BeckenholdtWelcome! As you plan your academic future consider the benefits of pursuing a degree from UMUC. We offer degrees in Business Administration and Management Studies. For example, the UMUC Business Administration Program offers you the opportunity to acquire knowledge in economics, accounting, finance, business law, marketing and the international business.

The skills you acquire as a result of completing courses within the Business Administration Program prepare you for analyzing workplace problems for resolution. Throughout the program, business students are engaged in an interactive approach to learning and are challenged to develop their critical thinking and problem- solving skills.

If you are particularly interested in for- profit, non- profits and government organizations, the Management Studies Program has been designed for you. This program uses a multi-disciplinary approach for providing you with a business management background. Students pursuing this degree have the opportunity to

  • gain knowledge about various principles of business management
  • develop their skills in business decision making

In addition to the academic degree programs, you may pursue a minor or a certificate in the following business areas:

  • Business Administration
  • Strategic and Entrepreneurial Management
  • Management Foundations
  • Business and Project Management
  • E-Commerce management
  • E-Commerce in Small Business
  • Women in Business

Being competitive in business means possessing both, a quality business education, and critical business skills. Earning your business degree from UMUC helps you start off with an edge up in the workplace.


Patricia Beckenholdt
Director, Business Management