Faculty and Staff

Main Contact

Phone: 240-684-2810
Fax: 240-684-2991

Steven Henick
Acting Vice Dean
E-mail: adelaide.lagnese@umuc.edu

Carol Abraham
Academic Specialist II
E-mail: carol.abraham@umuc.edu

Pat Beckenholdt
Program Chair, Business Administration, Management Studies
E-mail: patricia.beckenholdt@umuc.edu

Susan Blankenship
Program Chair, Investigative Forensics and Public Safety Administration
E-mail: susan.blankenship@umuc.edu

Patrick Bradley
Program Chair, Criminal Justice and Legal Studies
E-mail: patrick.bradley@umuc.edu

Steve Carter
Program Chair, Public Safety Administration
E-mail: stephen.carter@umuc.edu

Steven Henick
Program Chair, Marketing, Health Services Management
E-mail: steven.henick@umuc.edu

Deborah Horowitz
Executive Administrative Assistant
E-mail: deborah.horowitz@umuc.edu

Liliana Meneses
Program Chair, Human Resource Management
E-mail: liliana.meneses@umuc.edu

Peter Munger
Program Chair, Finance & Economics
E-mail: peter.munger@umuc.edu

Donna Nichols
Academic Specialist II
E-mail: donna.nichols@umuc.edu

 Vyan Smith
Associate Administrative Director
E-mail: vyan.smith@umuc.edu

Kathleen Sobieralski
Assistant Program Chair, Accounting
E-mail: kathleen.sobieralski@umuc.edu

Deena Vaughn
Academic Specialist II
E-mail: deena.vaughn@umuc.edu

Joe Whelan
Program Chair, Accounting
E-mail: joseph.whelan@umuc.edu