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Academic Integrity at the University of Maryland University College

The University of Maryland University College works to address the issues of plagiarism and academic integrity across its curriculum by providing tools and resources for both students and faculty through three institutional offices: Information and Library Services (ILS), the Effective Writing Center (EWC), and the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP). These offices share twin goals: 1) arming students with the means to avoid accusations of plagiarism; and 2) assisting faculty in teaching about AI and detecting and preventing plagiarism.

This web page attempts to give UMUC students and faculty a central location to access the wealth of tools, guides, and resources available through UMUC.

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Integrity Guy!

Tutorials, Tools and Other Learning Objects

You will find that the various tutorials available at UMUC successfully complement one another rather than provide redundancy. The VAIL tutorial provides a solid introduction to the concept of academic integrity in scholarly writing and an overview of the many facets of the issue, including plagiarism in student writing and proper citation. The remaining tutorials focus on specific issues that can assist a student in avoiding accusations of plagiarism and cover the respective topics in detail.

  • VAIL Tutor! Created and maintained by the CIP
    The VAIL Tutor provides an overview of academic integrity concepts and practical tips for avoiding plagiarism. Students will be introduced to proper documentation practices and academic integrity policies. After successful completion of the included online quiz, an electronic Certificate of Successful Completion is displayed on the screen and e-mailed to a user or their professor if the address is provided. In reviewing the VAIL Tutorial, Leslie Murtha writes in the text titled The Plagiarism Plague, "The graphics, animation, and music are slick and professional... the context of the tutorial is relatively demanding, forcing students to deal with ambiguities and contextual issues." FLASH Only.
    • Please note: Module 3 of the VAIL Tutor reflects the MLA Handbook for Writer of Research Papers (6th edition) and Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (5th edition). This fall, please see UMUC ILS Citation Resources ( for 2009 updates to the MLA & APA citation styles.
  • How to Avoid Plagiarism Created and maintained by the EWC
    This self-study tutorial describes three ways to use source material (quote it, paraphrase it, or summarize it), three essential techniques for managing source materials (introduce it, cite it, and list a reference to it), and eight important guidelines to help you avoid plagiarism mistakes. There is a short quiz (The Plagiarism Post-Test) at the end of the tutorial. If you answer every question correctly, you’ll receive a "Certificate of Completion."
    FLASH version HTML version
  • APA Citation Explained Tutorial Created and maintained by ILS
    Learn how to identify the parts of a citation using articles, books and Web pages; then format the information in correct APA style. Includes interactive exercises. Please Note: The Flash version requires the Macromedia Flash Player. If you do not have the latest version of the Flash Player, click on the link above. HTML version Flash version
  • MLA Citation Style Simplified Created and maintained by ILS
    Modern Language Association (MLA) citation style is widely used in the study of languages, literature, and the humanities. Learn when to cite, how to cite within your papers, how to find bibliographic information in different materials, and how to create a works-cited page. Includes interactive exercises to test your mastery of this formatting style. HTML Only
  • Research Skills Tutorial Created and maintained by ILS
    This online tutorial is designed to assist UMUC students by reviewing general research skills and introducing specific resources available to them. There is a short discussion of plagiarism. HTML Only

  • Created and maintained by ILS
    The University has a license agreement with, a service that helps prevent plagiarism from Internet resources. Its online tools include a plagiarism prevention system and peer review forum. Students may be assigned by their faculty to submit their assignments to this service. UMUC faculty wishing to use this service should consult the Plagiarism and FAQ and the Faculty Guidelines for Using Accounts and UMUC's access to this service is maintained by ILS.
  • Other Learning Objects Created and maintained by the CIP
    In addition to the VAIL tutorial and the primers, the CIP offers several video vignettes to help faculty introduce and discuss the issue of academic integrity with their students. The vignettes can be linked to any WebTycho classroom with a simple URL. See the "Learning Objects" web page for more details.
Created and maintained by the CIP Created and maintained by CIP Created and maintained by the EWC Created and maintained by EWC Created and maintained by ILSCreated and maintained by ILS

This page is maintained by the Center for Intellectual Property at UMUC.

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