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Academic Integrity at the University of Maryland University College

The University of Maryland University College works to address the issues of plagiarism and academic integrity across its curriculum by providing tools and resources for both students and faculty through three institutional offices: Information and Library Services (ILS), the Effective Writing Center (EWC), and the Center for Intellectual Property (CIP). These offices share twin goals: 1) arming students with the means to avoid accusations of plagiarism; and 2) assisting faculty in teaching about AI and detecting and preventing plagiarism.

This web page attempts to give UMUC students and faculty a central location to access the wealth of tools, guides, and resources available through UMUC.

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UMUC Policies
  • UMUC Policy 150.25, Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism
    In addition to providing the procedures to be followed in suspected cases of plagiarism, this official UMUC policy gives the institution's definitions of the terms: academic dishonesty, cheating, fabrication, and plagiarism. Web page maintained by the UMUC administration.
  • UMUC Policy 150.50, Misconduct in Scholarly Work
    Anyone conducting scholarly activity within UMUC is responsible for the integrity of such work. In accordance with the Board of Regents Policy III-1.10 Misconduct in Scholarly Work, approved on November 30, 1989, UMUC has established policies and procedures to instill and promote the principles of professional integrity, to prevent scholarly misconduct, and to discover and censure instances of misconduct when they occur. Web page maintained by the UMUC administration.

This page is maintained by the Center for Intellectual Property at UMUC.

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