Foreign Languages

Welcome from Director

Welcome to UMUC's foreign languages program!

The ability to speak a foreign language can open the door to careers in international relations, global business, national security and other exciting fields.  By studying a language, you will not only gain a valuable and marketable skill, but you will also cultivate intercultural competence and a sense of global citizenship.  Employers look positively on language coursework on a transcript or resume as it indicates both a degree of language proficiency and the ability to work in a diverse environment and communicate effectively across cultural differences.

We teach language courses both on-site and online in a range of languages critical to business, diplomatic and security needs, and we are dedicated to developing skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening, as well as expanding a student's knowledge and understanding of the cultures in which the target language is spoken.

UMUC’s Foreign Languages program provides proficiency-based instruction in a variety of world languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Spanish. We also offer a 16-credit certificate in Spanish for Business and the Professions that can be completed online. UMUC’s Asian and European divisions may offer additional courses in foreign languages for students enrolling in those divisions.  Check with your specific division for offerings.

Our language faculty, who are either native speakers or have substantial experience living and working in places where the language is spoken, are truly outstanding; many have advanced degrees in linguistics and literature pertaining to the language they teach. All of our instructors are highly engaged in the classroom—whether virtual or face-to-face—and make learning foreign languages both fun and challenging.

Should you need more information on our courses, or have questions about language study, please phone us at 240-684-2830, or contact us via e-mail at

Thank you for your interest in learning foreign languages, and please accept my best wishes for success in studying your language, or languages, of choice.

As we say in Japanese,
頑張ってください ganbatte kudasai (please do your best!)


Gretchen I. Jones
Associate Professor, Japanese
Director, Foreign Languages Program