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An Important Day for You

Commencement is more than an academic tradition. It is a unique opportunity to commemorate your achievements as a student. It is a time to thank those who helped you along the way and it is a milestone–a jubilant ceremony that closes one chapter of your life and opens a new one.

If you're like a lot of soon-to-be college graduates, you prevailed over at least a few problems as you made your way through post-secondary education. Who said earning a degree was easy?

We know you've worked hard at University of Maryland University College. That's why you need to be there. Commencement is a special opportunity. Take advantage of it. Be recognized for what you've accomplished. Tell mom, dad, and Aunt Carole thanks for all their support. Catch up with your classmates and shake hands with UMUC President Javier Miyares.

So iron your khakis and put on some comfortable shoes, and we'll see you May 17 or 18 at Comcast Center on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park

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