Comcast Center

Comcast Center

Commencement for University of Maryland University College will take place at Comcast Center. The center is located at 1 Terrapin Trail, College Park, MD 20742, on the campus of the University of Maryland, College Park. View a map of the College Park campus.


Limited concessions will be open inside Comcast Center before and after the ceremony. Water, soft drinks, and other non-alcoholic beverages will be served along with an assortment of snack foods.

Identify a Meeting Place

At the end of the ceremony, you'll be ushered from the floor of Comcast Center and won't be able to walk directly into the stands. You should arrange ahead of time where to meet your party after the ceremony. We suggest picking a spot outside one of the main entrance gates. Large colored balloon towers are placed outside of each gate and serve as convenient meeting spots.

Poor Cellular Connections and No Wi-Fi Access

Comcast Center is a basketball arena built of steel, concrete, and other materials that can inhibit cellular connections. Connectivity on the lower level can be especially poor. We recommend that you make plans to meet the members of your party at an agreed-upon location, rather than trying to call or text during or after the ceremony.

There's no public Wi-Fi access. Comcast Center has a dedicated Wi-Fi network, but it's secure and reserved for students enrolled at the University of Maryland, College Park.

No Balloons

Please do not bring balloons to Commencement. We do not sell balloons at the event, and they are not allowed inside Comcast Center. Balloons can contain dangerous gases, and they may block the view of other guests during the ceremony.

Lost and Found

Please ask any UMUC staff member at Commencement about lost items. We leave items that are found in the Fan Assistance Booth at Comcast Center. After May 18, please inquire about lost items at

Wheelchair Accessibility

While Comcast Center is wheelchair accessible, it does not provide wheelchairs for visitors.


Police officers from several organizations, including the University of Maryland, College Park, will be present to direct traffic and provide security for the ceremony. Please cooperate with commencement staff and uniformed officers during any required security checks, or in the event of an emergency. Report suspicious activity to a police officer immediately.

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