The demand for nurses has been on the rise for over a decade. If we look at 2008-2010 alone, the RN workforce grew by 25%, while the number of LPNs grew by 15.5%. The demand for skilled nurses will continue to rise as baby boomers retire. To push demand even higher, nearly 33% of current nurses are fifty years of age or older so their retirement is not far off.

Training is very thorough for nurses because no two situations are the same. Hopeful nurses must take different courses, with college level programs existing at both two-year colleges and universities. Programs encompass varying levels of nursing education, each requiring different coursework and experience. We understand that it can become expensive so whether you’re aiming to be an RN or an LPN, you should take advantage of this scholarship.
The Prime Medical Alert Nursing Scholarship is for those who have demonstrated commitment to the community in regards to healthcare and social assistance.  Ware looking for applicants who intend to apply those experiences to future career in the emergency response field.
Up to five students will be selected with a reward of $1000 each. Award varies depending upon the total number of applicants.
  • Administered by: Prime Medical Alert
  • Amount: $1,000.00
  • Deadline to apply: December 15, 2017
  • Date posted: 11/11/2016

Scholarship Eligibility

  • Location:
    • United States
    • Europe
    • Asia
  • Available to:
    • Undergraduate
    • Graduate
    • Open to All
  • Minimum GPA: Not provided
  • Minimum credits: Not provided
  • Maximum credits: Not provided
  • FAFSA required?: No

Notes About the Scholarship

Contact Information

  • Prime Medical Alert
    At Prime Medical Alert, we understand that nurses are one of the most important components of America’s healthcare industry. We want to help the next generation reach their dreams. This scholarship is open to applicants working toward a two year or four year degree. Applicants shall be working towards a degree with the intent of becoming a RN or LPN upon graduation.
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