Cybersecurity Overview

In-Demand Careers in Cyber Security

Prepare for your career in a fast-growing industry with high-paying job opportunities.

Cyber security is booming. The number of cyber job openings nearly doubled between 2010 and 2014.1

A cyber security degree from University of Maryland University College can prepare you for a cyber security position in this fast-growing field.

Cyber Security Employment Opportunities

Learn about internships and jobs in cyber security, including cyber security positions posted by companies looking to recruit UMUC students. Plus, find out how UMUC career counselors can review your resume and cover letter, explain the federal job search, help you find job openings and assist you in preparing for interviews.

Fast Facts about the Cyber Security Job Market

4 out of 5 Cyber Security Jobs
Require a Degree

Most positions in the cyber security sector require at least a bachelor's degree. A recent study found that 84 percent of cyber security positions require a bachelor's degree or higher.2

Top Paying Cyber Security Jobs

Based on median annual wages, compensation for cyber security professionals ranges from $70,000 to $118,000.

Explore job titles, salaries, projected growth and more for cyber security career paths.4

Where the Jobs Are

The Baltimore and Washington, D.C., metropolitan areas have some of the highest concentrations of cyber security jobs in the country.2

Who's Recruiting in Cyber Security

View the top 10 employers recruiting cyber security professionals nationwide.3

Top Cyber Security Job Titles

View the 10 cyber security job titles found most frequently in job postings.3

In-Demand Cyber Security Job Skills

Your UMUC education can help you build the skills employers demand for cyber security positions.3

Learn Practical, In-Demand Skills

Three-fourths of employers prefer new graduates with work experience.5 UMUC makes it possible for you to keep your job and gain that experience while pursuing your degree.

1 Source: "Job Market Intelligence: Cyber Security Jobs 2015," Burning Glass Technologies, 2015.
2 Source: Based on a Burning Glass International study of U.S. cyber security job postings in 2013 in which a bachelor’s or master’s degree is required or preferred.
3 Source: U.S. Department of Labor's O*Net OnLine
4 Source: Based on the National Association of Colleges and Employers report The Job Outlook for the Class of 2014.

Top 10 Employers Hiring for Cyber Security Jobs

  1. Northrop Grumman
  2. General Dynamics
  3. Science Applications International Corporation
  4. ManTech International
  5. PricewaterhouseCoopers
  6. Booz Allen Hamilton
  7. Hewlett-Packard
  8. Dell
  9. CACI
  10. Accenture

Top 5 Regions for Cyber Security Jobs

  1. Palo Alto, California
  2. San Francisco, California
  3. Baltimore, Maryland
  4. Boston, Massachusetts
  5. Denver, Colorado

Top 10 Cyber Security Job Titles

  1. Security Engineer
  2. Security Analyst
  3. Information Security Analyst
  4. Information Security Engineer
  5. Network Security Engineer
  6. Information Technology Security Analyst
  7. Information Security Manager
  8. Information Assurance Engineer
  9. Senior IT Auditor
  10. Security Administrator

In-Demand Skills for Cyber Security Jobs

Employers are seeking to hire employees with proficiency in:

  • Firewalls
  • Network Security
  • UNIX
  • CISA
  • Cryptography
  • Cisco
  • Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
  • System and Network Configuration
  • Scanners

Career Paths

Career Path Related Job Titles Education Level Median Annual Wages (2013) Number of Employees (2012) Projected Growth (2012-2022) Projected Job Openings (2012-2022) Source
Computer systems analyst Systems Analyst, Programmer Analyst, Business Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Analyst, Computer Systems Consultant, Computer Analyst, Information Systems Analyst (ISA), Applications Analyst, Business Analyst, Systems Engineer 26% hold bachelor's degree $81,190 521,000 22% or higher 209,600 Source
Systems software developer Developer, Infrastructure Engineer, Network Engineer, Publishing Systems Analyst, Senior Software Engineer, Software Architect, Software Developer, Software Engineer, Systems Coordinator, Systems Engineer 77% hold bachelor's degree, 17% hold master's degree $101,410 405,000 15% to 21% 134,700 Source
Network and computer systems administrator Systems Administrator, Network Administrator, Network Engineer, Information Technology Specialist (IT Specialist), Local Area Network Administrator (LAN Administrator), Information Technology Manager (IT Manager), Information Technology Director (IT Director), Systems Engineer, Network Manager, Network Specialist Data not available $74,000 366,000 8% to 14% 100,500 Source
Computer network architect Telecommunications Engineering Specialists Data not available $95,380 143,000 15% to 21% 43,500 Source
Information security analyst Information Technology Specialist, Data Security Administrator, Information Security Analyst, Information Security Officer, Computer Specialist, Information Security Specialist, Information Systems Security Analyst, Computer Security Specialist, Information Security Manager, Information Technology Security Analyst 65% hold bachelor's degree $88,590 75,000 22% or higher 39,200 Source
Computer and information systems manager Information Technology Manager (IT Manager), Information Technology Director (IT Director), Information Systems Director (IS Director), Data Processing Manager, MIS Director (Management Information Systems Director), Information Systems Manager (IS Manager), Information Systems Supervisor (IS Supervisor), Computing Services Director, Director of Application Development, Technical Services Manager Data not available $123,950 333,000 15% to 21% 97,100 Source
Computer systems engineer/architect Systems Engineer, Electronic Data Interchange System Developer (EDI System Developer), System Architect 61% hold bachelor's degree $82,340 206,000 3% to 7% 40,200 Source
Intelligence analyst Crime Analyst, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Criminal Intelligence Analyst Supervisor, Criminal Intelligence Specialist, Criminal Research Specialist, Detective and Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Analyst, Intelligence Officer, Intelligence Research Specialist, Supervisor Intelligence Analyst 75% hold bachelor's degree $76,730 115,000 -2% to 2% 27,700 Source

Information about cyber security career paths, salary levels and job outlook is provided by the U.S. Department of Labor's O*Net OnLine.

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"In Washington, D.C., especially, I think the unemployment rate for cyber security specialists is less than zero. They’re in great demand. And that’s true not just for government but for industry, as well."

Elizabeth Hight

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