Cybersecurity Workforce Development
Workforce Development

Cyber Security Workforce Development and Education

We take a customized approach to educating your cyber security workforce.

Protecting your organization’s data systems from cyber attacks is essential to maintaining its competitive standing and bottom line. 

UMUC’s Corporate Learning Solutions can help by working with you to develop cyber security educational programs to boost your employees’ knowledge and skills.

What We Offer

Whether your organization wants to enhance the cyber-readiness of its workforce or provide career development paths for employees, UMUC's Corporate Learning Solutions can help.

  • Degree and certificate programs: UMUC’s curriculum is developed by cyber security experts and taught by experienced faculty members, many who work in the field. Your employees will gain real-world experience that can be immediately applied to the workplace.
  • Degree completion strategies: Our degree completion programs can help your employees complete their degrees faster and lower your education costs.
  • Experience in varied industries: Our Corporate Learning Solutions staff includes subject matter experts in such industries as aerospace, defense, technology, telecommunications and health care.

Learn More About Workforce Development

For more information, contact Patricia Delaney, associate vice president of Corporate Learning Solutions, at 301-985-7542 or

In Good Company

We’ve helped dozens of organizations increase their value and reputation by providing education programs. UMUC Cybersecurity corporate alliances include:

AFCEA • Boeing • Booz Allen Hamilton • CACI • InfraGard
Northrop Grumman • SAIC

UMUC Cybersecurity Programs