Student Testimonials

Cybersecurity scholarships are helping to transform the lives of our students by placing new opportunities within their reach. Read what a few of our students have to say about their decision to attend UMUC, the impact it has had on their lives and their plans for the future:

“I chose UMUC because it was one of the few cybersecurity policy programs and because of their reputation in the cyber world. I am very excited to continue my education at UMUC.”

Tyler Carlin
Potomac, Maryland
Graduate Cybersecurity Fund Scholarship Recipient

“I look forward to graduating with my master’s degree next August and entering the cybersecurity field as a cybersecurity analyst or security officer.”

Pamela Gibson
College Park, Maryland
SAIC Cybersecurity Scholarship Recipient

“What I heard to encourage me to transfer was and still is very true—the staff at UMUC is very flexible and supportive academically. I am very pleased to call UMUC my home.”

Nicole Haggins
Capitol Heights, Maryland
Undergraduate Cybersecurity Fund Scholarship Recipient

“I chose to study cybersecurity because I want to make a difference in the world, small or large, by providing the means to protect us from physical or cyber threats and enhance digital security.”

Jessica Knitowski
Laurel, Maryland
Undergraduate Cybersecurity Fund Scholarship Recipient

“As a D.C. resident, I am surrounded by examples of people who have sacrificed much in the service of this country and our way of life. Perhaps I was not ready in the past or not able to fully appreciate the efforts of those in the military and government, but now I have a strong desire to make a greater contribution to society in my work. A career in the field of cybersecurity is a chance for me to join the fight against some of the most difficult challenges our society has faced since the Cold War.”

James Sobel
Washington, D.C.
Graduate Cybersecurity Fund Scholarship Recipient