Professional Education Unit Policies

Because UMUC is preparing teachers for state certification, the department’s professional education unit is subject to reporting requirements from numerous external organizations to meet numerous state, national, and federal reporting, approval, and accreditation requirements.  There are two Masters Programs in this Unit:  Masters of Arts in Teaching and Masters of Education in Instructional Technology.  Policies for this Unit appear below.

A professional education unit requirement of data based performance assessment verifying that candidates have the knowledge, skills, and professional dispositions for their professional roles necessitates use of a technology-based data system; the professional education unit adopted Tk20 in 2009.

Unit Policies

Professional Dispositions Policy
In education, professional dispositions are the agreed upon and expected attitudes, values and behaviors of teachers and other educators.  Universities develop their professional dispositions for consistency with their conceptual frameworks, and to guide the professional education of their candidates.  Demonstration of these dispositions is essential for the effective education of K-12 students.

Tk20 Policy
As a degree-seeking student in the Graduate School’s Department of Education MAT or MEd program or as a certificate-seeking student in the Department’s Instructional Technology Integration Certificate program, students are required to purchase a one-time $100 subscription to Tk20 HigherEd before their first class begins. This is a comprehensive assessment and management system, which will support all students and programs within the department.