The UMUC Adjunct Faculty Association

About the Association

The Adjunct Faculty Association was formed to engage in periodic meetings with the UMUC administration, referred to as "meet and confer" or M/C.  Learn more about meet and confer.

A recent survey of stateside adjuncts by the Adjunct Faculty Association revealed the top concern to be pay and benefits, followed by employment stability. In the near future, the association will use this survey and additional input to develop topics and timelines for meet and confer deliberations.

Get Involved

If you are a stateside UMUC adjunct, you are a member of the Adjunct Faculty Association. Members are invited to offer suggestions, comments and support. The association is also seeking members to serve on various committees, including legislative affairs, technology, communications, research and outreach.

Executive Committee and Officers

David C. Hershfield, PhD
Adjunct professor, Economics, The Undergraduate School

Betty Jo Mayeske, PhD
Legislative Affairs Committee
Adjunct professor, History and Humanities, The Undergraduate School

Kimberly Holiday-Udeh, MS
Technology Committee
Adjunct assistant professor, Computer Information Systems and Technology, The Undergraduate School

Connie Sharpe Ruohomaki, MA
Communications Committee
Adjunct assistant professor, Marketing, The Undergraduate School

Frank Kesterman, EdD
Graduate School Representative
Adjunct professor, Homeland Security, The Graduate School

Role of the Executive Committee and Officers

The officers of the Adjunct Faculty Association are committed to:

  • Communicating matters of common employment concerns among stateside adjunct faculty members and with the UMUC administration
  • Considering organizing UMUC adjunct faculty worldwide
  • Determining the effectiveness of the mechanism of meet and confer, as enunciated in University System of Maryland (USM) Policy

Contact Us

E-mail or visit Engage to get involved.

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