Jane Burman-Holtom - 2014 FAC Representative

Jane Burman-Holtom

E-mail: Jane.Burman-Holtom@faculty.umuc.edu
Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: Business and Professional Programs (BAPP)


Nine years as an adjunct associate professor (currently with Adelphi, formerly UMUC-Europe). Elected as Adjunct Representative on Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) for 2011-2012. Elected by FAC colleagues to the University Advisory Council (UAC) for faculty, staff, and students. Facilitated three Global Faculty Forums on "Faculty feedback on the new 8-week class format" in December 2011. Actively participated in all Faculty Forums since 2003 on WebTycho, the budget, the course evaluation process, promotion and tenure, pay and benefits; resulting in a wealth of history and knowledge about UMUC.

Currently assigned to teach HRMN 362 Labor Relations, and HRMN 302 Business Communication. Taught and/or developed various business classes in BMGT, HRMN, and MRKT. Completed all applicable Faculty Development workshops offered by Faculty Development; earned basic and advanced certification. Trained faculty to teach online from 2005-2011, with current title of Faculty Development senior trainer. Active lifelong learner, focusing on online learning and technology; participate in various online groups, and take seminars and workshops including MOOCs.

Academic background in management and strategic planning. Over 25 years as a consultant specializing in organizational strategy and problem solving; marketing strategy; Web content; and business start-up strategies. Clients include government agencies, non-profits, institutions of higher education, various research, manufacturing and real estate development organizations, small businesses and individuals planning entrepreneurial ventures. Volunteer teaching Entrepreneurship and E-Commerce for University of the People, a free online global entity with students from over 130 countries. Previously taught business classes at two state flagship universities, Oklahoma in Norman and Florida in Gainesville.

An autobiography expresses what we have done and I would like to end with what I am: passionate about education, dedicated to UMUC and our students, tenacious and honest, an excellent researcher, always willing to speak up for what I believe in.

Nomination Essay

I am an active, determined, and hard-working Adjunct FAC Representative who has gained invaluable experience and knowledge about shared governance and administration of UMUC. Since my election in 2011-2012, UMUC has faced many challenges, and a change in leadership. Activities on FAC include serving as the only adjunct on the FAC Executive Committee (whose roles include setting the FAC agenda; responding to FAC@UMUC.edu emails; administering FAC Facebook page); and election by FAC colleagues to the University Advisory Council (UAC) for shared governance made up of faculty, staff, and students. In addition I have volunteered or be active in various roles as follows:

  • Designed and facilitated Global Faculty Forums for feedback on 8 week sessions, with 12% of faculty participated; co-presented results to administration.
  • Presented FAC resolution for more proportional representation of adjuncts (85% of faculty, 33% of FAC); resulting in increase of adjuncts to 50% (9 of 18).
  • Spoken up for all 3,800 adjuncts, and raised issues such as omission of adjuncts from "ENGAGE", UMUC's Social Network.
  • Supported greater transparency and communication (internal and external), and suggested participation in surveys such as Chronicle of Higher Education "Best Places to Work", and AAUP Annual Faculty Survey; requested UMUC create an open, online searchable directory, etc.
  • Co-edited the FAC Newsletter May 2012 emailed to all faculty.

An issue of major concern for UMUC survival is maintaining competitive advantage while retaining quality in academic programs. I am concerned about any strategies that position UMUC in direct competition with the lowest tier of schools (joining the "race to the bottom"); or impact the perceived quality and value of a UMUC degree. At one end of the continuum are schools that offer speedy ways to get a diploma; and at the other end are increasing numbers of well-known state and private f2f universities seeking growth and profit by offering online programs. UMUC is being squeezed in the middle and needs to find and defend a sustainable niche.

Faculty play a vital role in UMUC's success, especially the 3,800 or so adjuncts who are contingent, and hired at-will without benefits. Adjuncts make important contributions, and bring skills, talents and expertise. Plans for a database of faculty experts, and a new director of social media will work towards greater external awareness. The creation of a system-mandated adjunct association will give adjunct faculty a sense of community, a collegial network, and a greater voice.

I am willing to expend my energy, experience and creativity to promote contributions of faculty, especially adjuncts… in accordance with the intention of shared governance. FAC works valiantly to express the faculty perspective and reach faculty. In 2012 FAC was granted access to faculty emails. Two FAC members (one adjunct) serve on CUSF. If re-elected to FAC, I will continue to pursue faculty participation in shared governance in accordance with the Bylaws, Constitution, and University System of Maryland (USM) polices for shared governance.

I would be honored to serve another two year term on your behalf as a member of FAC, and I seek your vote of support.