Michael Collins – 2014 FAC Representative


Position: Asian Division
E-mail: Michael.Collins@umuc.edu
Division: UMUC Asia
Category: Adjunct
Program: Writing


I spent 26 years in the military in both the active and reserve components. I am thoroughly familiar with the pressures of military life and understand the difficulties servicemembers have advancing their educational goals while balancing work and family needs. I earned my bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate through military tuition assistance.

For the last 11 years, I have taught and developed online and classroom-based curriculum in public administration, multimedia writing, and business communications. Versatility with communication media is one of my greatest strengths as I have been an assistant editor for a weekly newspaper, developed television and radio ads for specific audiences, recorded and uploaded conversations with subject matter experts, and employed the latest software programs to better facilitate the classroom learning experience. In addition, I worked as a teacher in Brazil, helping multinational students acquire computer and writing skills that will ensure a greater chance of success at American universities.

My goal as an educator is to be a positive agent of change for all members of society. I believe the best way to do that is equip citizens with the tools they need to get the job done, train leaders to be more effective, and instill the value of public service to the next generation.

Nomination Essay

I nominated myself for this position because I would like to take an active part in the governance of the university. I am a proven technical/teaching expert, rated highly by my peers and students. The next step in the progression is to take these experiences and abilities and use them to ensure quality at the institutional level.