Anthony Cruz - 2013 FAC Nominee

Anthony CruzE-mail:
Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: Cybersecurity


In 2010 I joined UMUC as an Adjunct Professor teaching Telecommunications and IT.  I began my career as a service representative with New York Telephone Company in 1977, and retired from Verizon in 2008 as a Distinguish Member of Technical Staff, where my responsibilities included testing the narrow band portion of the FIOS project.

I am a graduate of the Alpha IV Program at Bell Atlantic, considered by many in the technical field as being one of the most prestigious certifications in Telecom. Furthermore, I hold a Master of Science in Management of Technology.

In 2003, I was awarded the "Outstanding Technical Contribution Award" at the SHPE Eastern Technical & Career Conference in Washington. I earned this honor in recognition of my technical contributions toward product leadership, manufacturing improvements, and advances in the engineering field; my academic and professional excellence; and my involvement with Hispanic Professional Engineers (SHPE) and the community. In my employment with New York Telephone and Verizon, I was also active in the Communications Workers of America, as a shop steward. It is especially in this role that I acquired skills in presenting employee concerns to management, creatively seeking solutions to problems faced by employees on the job, and negotiating favorable outcomes for employees that were acceptable to management. I believe these skills would be especially useful in serving the interests of faculty as a member of FAC.

Nomination Essay

I seek election to our Faculty Advisory Council because the new interim Administration appears to be more open to discuss with FAC matters of concern to faculty and of importance to the well-being of the institution as a whole, than the previous one; I would work diligently to include faculty in the work of the university, to provide compensation for faculty participating on UMUC committees. FAC and administration must work to realistically and honestly evaluate the success of the SEGUE/8 week initiative in the undergraduate school, and be prepared to modify the harshest defects of those initiatives.

Much more needs to be done, however, to enable UMUC to maintain its status as a world-class educational institution, and to protect and advance the individual and professional interests of its world-class faculty. For this reason, I ask you, my colleagues at UMUC, for the privilege of being a team member to serve your interests, and those of our remarkable students and employer, as a member of the Faculty Advisory Council.