Richard Fry - 2014 FAC Representative


Division: Europe
Category: Collegiate
Program: Undergraduate


My name is Richard Fry and I did my Undergraduate studies at the University of Stirling and my Post Graduate work in Biochemistry at the Royal Veterinary College London. I am an Associate Professor with UMUC Europe and have been with them for 20 years. I have taught all over Germany, teaching Science (primarily biology) and Math in F2F, DE and Hybrid formats.

Now let me address the matters which are important to us.

Nomination Essay

UMUC is facing several critical issues that have to be addressed:

  • Stateside faculty have received a pay raise; when will this be extended to all faculty?
  • A FAC Representative must sit on the UMUC budget committee in order to determine how monies are allocated.
  • At a time when UMUC is so worried about retention, why do we find so many DE classes with over 30 students? How can we expect faculty to accommodate the academic and personal needs of these students with such large class sizes?
  • Faculty must never again be blindsided by the introduction of programs such as SEGUE and Authentic Assessment. FAC must be involved from the conception of any such major program changes.
  • In order for Administration to fully understand the faculty perspective, consultation between Administration and Faculty Reps has to be a cornerstone of University procedure.
  • Shared Governance is a meaningless concept unless FAC has access to faculty email addresses, Stateside and foreign divisions, in order to communicate with its constituents.
  • Communication between faculty and faculty Reps should not be hindered: Biannual faculty meetings have to be reinstated.

Many issues have been raised in the past but too little has been achieved. Administration must be made to realize that these issues can not be pushed aside and faculty will persistently pursue them until acceptable resolutions can be achieved.