John Galliano - 2012 FAC Representative

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Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: IFSM


John S. Galliano holds a BS in Computer Systems/ Internetworking from City University (Seattle), and an MS in Information Systems from the University of Maryland. He also holds multiple certifications in project management, information technology, and information assurance. John has more than 28 years of meteorological, education/ training, and information systems experience emphasizing project management with the United States Air Force (USAF) and United States Army. He developed, implemented and instructed the USAF in Europe course of instruction for weather personnel. In this role, he supervised instruction to over 150 trainees in meteorological techniques and practices. He prepared skills assessments, job task inventories, certification criteria and checklists, and supporting curriculum for the attainment of weather forecasting certification. He routinely taught various meteorological techniques courses. Additionally, he served on a local community school board, helping to build the program from the ground-up, the first of its kind within the Department of Defense schools system.

John serves as Adjunct Faculty and has taught information system courses with UMUC Asia and UMUC Stateside. He has been recognized as an “Employee of the Year” eight times and was a 1997 Lance P. Sijan Award nominee for leadership, and a 1998 “Ten Outstanding Young Americans” nominee, winner of the 2000 USAF in Europe award for superior staff support, 2001 USAF in Europe, Education and Training Manager, and the 2007 Air Force Weather award for superior staff support. John resides in Honolulu, Hawaii, where he serves as the Deputy Commander for Detachment 1, 561st Network Operations Squadron. He has also lived in Germany, Portugal, and Korea; and, has visited many other countries. He is a veteran of Operation Desert Storm, the first Gulf War. John hails from Portland, Oregon. He is married, has four children, two grand-children, and two dogs. He enjoys traveling, motorcycling, computing, reading and listening to music.

Nomination Essay

Aloha! I chose to volunteer for Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) membership based on a simple credo: giving back to the community to which I am forever linked. You see, I'm a product of the UMUC system and proud to be associated with a University dedicated to the higher education of a diverse population, including our military services. Over the past 22 years of involvement as a student and faculty member, I've learned and experienced both perspectives. I humbly ask for the opportunity to promote our mutual interests through the FAC.

Shared governance within UMUC has picked-up steam and I'd like to be a part of helping lead this exciting and transformative change. As an adjunct faculty member, I strongly feel we should be empowered within the organization in a manner that more closely represents our commitment and dedication to this great university.

I'll work for greater acceptance of adjunct faculty members in terms of salary and benefits, recognition and professional development. Equally, I believe we need to advocate for reinforcing high academic standards, creativity and critical thinking. Of great concern is our move to an 8-week semester format. We must ensure we're not sacrificing quantity for quality.

I hope you will vote for me to represent you.

Mahalo nui loa,
John S. Galliano