George Harding - 2013 FAC Nominee

George HardingE-mail:
Division: Graduate Adelphi
Category: Collegiate
Program: ISAS & TMAN


Dr. George Gordon Harding has taught at UMUC since 1998. As a Collegiate Professor he teaches ISAS 600, Information Systems for Managers and TMAN 611, Principles of Technology Management. Before retiring from industry, he was involved with manufacturing engineering, information technology, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and project management. He has worked for DuPont Merck Pharmaceuticals, DuPont, General Electric and Baumritter Corporation. In addition to his industrial career, he has been an adjunct professor at various colleges for over 40 years. He earned his doctorate in education from Wilmington University, his MBA from the University of Delaware and his BS in management from New England College. Before getting his college degrees, he graduated from the General Electric Apprentice Program as a Journeyman Toolmaker. He also has 9 years of military experience with the Army and the Air Force. Dr. Harding was the 2006-2007 recipient of the Stanley J. Drazek Graduate School of Management and Technology Teaching Excellence Award.

Nomination Essay

Having taught as an adjunct for over 40 years, I am familiar with most of the issues that adjunct professors experience. I believe that collaboration between university professors, FAC and administration will continue to strengthen the UMUC community. If elected, my emphasis/focus will be to:

  • Be available to faculty members who have concerns.
  • Work toward minimizing administrative red tape required of faculty. In my opinion, data should be compiled only if it is going to be used to make decisions and as far as possible all other administrative falderal should be eliminated.
  • Attempt to obtain stipends for additional work performed by instructors, e.g., textbook revisions requiring updating course materials, pilot programs, etc.

Living and working outside the UMUC Largo/Adelphi campus, I believe that I can bring the perspective of the remote adjunct to FAC. Living in Delaware, I am available to drive down the road to attend FAC meetings at Adelphi.