William Kerr - 2010 FAC Representative

William Kerr Position: Europe Division-Collegiate
E-mail: bkerr.kerr@gmail.com
Division: UMUC Europe
Category: Collegiate
Program: Humanities


I've taught philosophy and psychology for many years, including service with UMUC at Adelphi, Europe, and Kosovo. Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo.

Thrice a father, thrice a grandfather.

Published poet, autobiographical novel in progress. Photography, videography, Spinoza, Logic Based Therapy.

Four years on FAC, two years Chair.

This year, Chair of University Advisory Council, which is the umbrella organization to faculty (FAC), student and staff sides of shared governance. Monthly conference with President Aldridge.

Currently living in Wiesbaden, Germany.

Nomination Essay

I believe that higher education is a noble enterprise, and teaching is a noble way of life. A university should support and nourish its faculty, whose lifelong commitment to studies requires a certain autonomy in time, opportunity and a reasonable standard of living.

In these interests, then, I support or have supported:

  1. Salaries which adjust to ever higher costs of living.
  2. The expansion of core collegiate faculty around the globe, into which willing adjuncts can eventually find better support. This core faculty will earn a living wage and have vital benefits. The current model is the overseas collegiate.
  3. My proposal to open up all FAC slots to adjuncts. This was defeated for a less democratic proposal last month.
  4. Formalization of regional faculty reps in overseas division. Currently being debated with the administration. I coordinated the creation of the by-laws and charter for this measure.
  5. Protections for at-risk downrange teachers beyond the current minimum.
  6. Increased faculty autonomy in creating classes, to include less standardization, especially for the experienced teacher.
  7. Evaluation of faculty which goes beyond external measurement and includes a faculty portfolio of aims and achievements.
  8. Faculty involvement in producing more amenable scheduling; a flexible system of seniority in scheduling, where appropriate.
  9. Revised transfer policy for overseas faculty who return to the United States.
  10. Exchange tours of faculty between overseas divisions and Adelphi.


Please support these and other measures by voting for me as FAC representative for the European Division.