Robert Lewis - 2013 FAC Nominee

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Division: Undergraduate Adelphi
Category: Adjunct
Program: Humanities and Art


I grew up as a military brat, traveling base to base with my family, which led to my graduating from a Department of Defense High School at Incirlik AFB in Turkey. I joined the U.S. Coast Guard with my first assignment being on a cutter. I later became rated as an Aviation Survivalman and certified as a Flight Mechanic and Flight Medic, working out of Air Station, New Orleans. With the help of the G.I. Bill, I earned a B.S. in Secondary Education and taught in a school for learning disabled students.

I earned a masters from Loyola University in New Orleans which enabled me to reach a lifelong goal of teaching philosophy and ethics at the college level. Afterward I earned a second masters from Boston University in the area of religion and social ethics. I worked toward a doctorate from Boston University in the area of social ethics, getting to the point of "All But Dissertation" before returning back to full-time work in order to help support my family.

I am married to Jennifer for 25 years and have one child in college and my second child in his senior year of high school.

While at Thomas Nelson Community College, I helped to rewrite the curriculum for the 200 level ethics course and was on the textbook review committee. During my six years teaching as an adjunct at UMUC, I helped develop a philosophy class in critical teaching and served on textbook review committees. I've taught face-to-face classes, hybrid classes, and online classes.

I have served on advisory and governance boards for national and local non-profit organizations.

Nomination Essay

I nominate myself to the FAC because I see this as an opportunity to assist in the mission of UMUC and help chart its future direction. Besides advising in the areas of developing and implementing policies and procedures, I see the FAC as being instrumental in advocating for the recognition of teaching; supporting faculty development efforts in instructional technology and pedagogy; and, serving as a voice for all of UMUC's faculty.

I believe that governance should be intertwined with the key areas of academic affairs, faculty quality, and not stand alone or above these important areas of focus. Entwining with academic affairs includes finding ways to assist faculty members in developing and achieving standards of excellence and professional ethics while encouraging faculty to be in relationship with their students in order to provide quality instruction not only in the course material but also in discipline and ethics. Faculty quality should be concerned with instructors' responsibility and workload and UMUC's commitment to fair compensation for faculty and provide sufficient support materials and personnel.