Edward O'Donnell

Edward O'Donnell

Email:  eodonnell@umuc.edu
Division:  Undergraduate Adelphi
Category:  Collegiate
Program:  Library and Information Services


I received my Masters in library science from the University of Rhode Island in 2005, and also hold a BA in English from Clark University. I began working in October 2006 as a Reference and Instruction Librarian at UMUC. This position involves handling reference questions on a wide range of topics, conducting library instruction sessions in online and on-site classes, handling collection development for the UMUC Library, and writing and editing the online newsletter that appears on the library Web site. I am also the library liaison to the BUSN department at UMUC.
Prior to my being hired by UMUC, I was a part-time reference librarian at the Phillips Memorial Library at Providence College in Rhode Island, and also worked at the Barrington (Rhode Island) Public Library.

In addition to my career as a librarian, I also have an extensive writing and editing background. My experience includes 10 years of writing and editing work at Paramount Cards in Rhode Island, a greeting card publisher, as well as freelance work creating publicity material for the investment industry. I am enjoying my work at UMUC and also am enjoying getting to know Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Nomination Essay

I feel that the function of the Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) is to facilitate and enhance communication between the faculty of UMUC and the administration of the university. FAC advocates for faculty interests and endeavors to clarify faculty responsibilities within the university.
Whether it is providing assistance with general reference questions, creating library conferences for online classes, conducting library instruction sessions in face-to-face classes, or furnishing in-depth research help, UMUC librarians play a crucial part in ensuring the success of our students. And yet, it seems to me that many of our students—and even some of our faculty—remain unaware of the numerous resources and services the library provides. As a member of FAC, I see one of my primary roles as increasing the awareness of what the library can offer faculty and students; furthering collaboration among faculty, the library, and the administration of the university; and obtaining input from FAC regarding library concerns and services.

The principal role of the university is to educate its students. This is why I consider the issue of academic standards to be of paramount importance in the arena of higher education. If colleges and universities do not follow the most stringent of standards— whether online or on-site—they do a disservice both to students and faculty. Information and Library Services provides the resources needed by students to help them succeed in their studies. Participating in the shared governance of the university will help the library help UMUC students.

My role as library liaison to the BUSN faculty makes me particularly suited to serve on FAC. In my capacity as liaison, I meet frequently with various members of the BUSN faculty, both individually and as a group. These meeting provide an opportunity to both promote the various library resources and services and offer assistance in accessing and using these resources and services. My experiences in collaborating with faculty will transfer well to my representing the library on FAC.

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