Richard Pauli - 2014 FAC Representative

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Division: Graduate Adelphi
Category: Collegiate
Program: MBA


Many of you who have gotten to know me since I began working full time in Largo have heard bits and pieces of my background; but for those who I have not yet had the pleasure of boring with my story, here are some of the marginally less boring parts:

My first full-time job was in the legal publishing industry, as a manuscript editor at the venerable Boston house of Little, Brown & Company, where my colleagues and I collected funny case names from the manuscripts we were editing, then read them to each other over lunch in the hope that someone would snort their soda through their nose.

This was a perfect preparation for criminal defense work, which I then practiced for several years. After all my clients were locked up, I was back into publishing; this time on the writing end. By refraining from snorting soda through my nose I was able to work my way up the management chain in a succession of information industry companies, including positions as the publisher for the New England regional division of a British transnational legal publisher, and director of corporate legal markets at LexisNexis.

Along the way I picked up a management degree in a weekend program (so I empathize with our students' experience). Eventually I became marketing vp for a couple of software companies; but the rarified air of the corporate boardroom gave me a nosebleed, so I had to stop. Immediately prior to my joining UMUC I worked for Hallmark Cards as a senior writer. ("Happy Birthday!" was one of mine.)

I began designing and teaching courses in graduate business programs in 1995. When I am "offline," I write plays, music, 'n' stuff; play the 5-string banjo; watch too much TV; and try to avoid yard work.

Nomination Essay

As everyone is aware, UMUC is currently in an important transitional phase: we have an interim president, an interim provost, interim deans of the graduate and undergraduate schools, and many recent senior-level administrative hires who face the challenge of finding their voices and places in our community. Issues such as the proper balance between full- and part-time faculty, meet and confer representation for adjuncts, how the European, Asian, and stateside divisions of the university can best interact, how curriculum design should be approached, pay for committee work, and many others are now on the table and must be carefully worked through. The members of FAC will be critical players in helping shape the direction the university will take on these matters and others.

I believe that I can be useful in these efforts. I think it is fair to say that in my first term on FAC I was a key player in convincing UMUC's administration to raise the adjunct teaching-load limit from 15 to 18 hours. I chaired the subcommittee that solicited input from all UMUC faculty on the strategic issues and direction of the university and formulated the goal statements that were submitted to senior management on this issue. As a member of FAC's executive committee I have met regularly with the graduate school dean and with our interim president to discuss issues of importance to faculty. This past year, my colleagues on FAC did me the honor of electing me Vice Chair, which I think speaks to my work ethic and capabilities in serving faculty interests.

I would like to continue my efforts on behalf of faculty and the greater university community; and so I am again standing for election. I would very much appreciate your vote. Thank you for reading this, and for your consideration.