David Ramsey - 2012 FAC Representative

David Ramsey_new

E-mail: dramsey@asia.umuc.edu
Division: UMUC Asia
Category: Collegiate
Program: English


I received my PhD in rhetoric and composition with a secondary field in sociolinguistics from Miami University. My dissertation, titled A Discourse Analysis of Interaction in Distance Education Courses: Dissonance Between Theory and Application?, considered the amounts and types of interaction occurring in selected UMUC Asia undergraduate distance-education courses; thus, my knowledge of the Distance Education (DE) program in general, and my research in particular, is useful for DE-related Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) issues. I received both my BA (in English literature) and MA (in English composition) from California State University, San Bernardino.

I have been teaching numerous undergraduate English and writing courses for UMUC's Asian Division for the past eight years, in both face-to-face and distance-education formats. Before I became employed by UMUC, I taught English courses for Central Texas College aboard a U.S. Navy ship (an LHD). I have also taught at several community colleges in Southern California and at Miami University.

In addition to serving on the FAC, I complement my teaching with other professional activities, such as earning the Basic and Advanced Certificates through UMUC’s Faculty Development Workshop Certificate Program, presenting at UMUC’s July Writing Conference, and serving as a faculty mentor.

Perhaps my most valuable trait in serving as a member of FAC is a genuine interest in listening to, and learning from, my colleagues, and I suspect fellow faculty members whom I know on a face-to-face basis will attest to this fact. In addition, I am friendly and personable, qualities which are valuable in any administrative-oriented arena.

Nomination Essay

It has been an honor to serve as a Faculty Advisory Council (FAC) Representative, Asian Division, over the past four years. During this time, I have sought to advance, and have been a strong advocate for, faculty interests in various ways. Recent examples include submitting numerous clarifications for the current edition of the Faculty Handbook; working closely with the Japan Regional Office to ensure that Tokyo-area faculty were provided necessary information due to the unfortunate events in March, 2011; communicating the importance of consistent messages to faculty--at least two times per year, on an established time-frame--similar to the “State-of-the-Division” types of emails faculty used to receive from Dr. Arden; and conveying the need for the collegiate pay scale to explicitly reference a certain number of contract hours.

To be sure, however, there are challenges and work ahead for the FAC and for the Asian Division Representatives in particular.

First, I am not confident that UMUC’s administration understands or appreciates the potential/real negative impact of the continual changes UMUC Asia has experienced over the past few years, in relation to administrators, policies, and initiatives. Therefore, if re-elected, I will work with the other Asian Division FAC Representative to present a survey designed to determine faculty members’ levels of job satisfaction and the reasons thereof. The results of this survey will be conveyed to administration and will guide further discussions as well as specific, formal FAC proposals.

Second, I am working on a FAC proposal for "step" (compensation) advancement within each academic rank, in relation to professional development, service, and other criteria. The ability for such advancement will benefit both the faculty and the University.

Thank you for your consideration to allow me to serve as a FAC Representative for a final term.