Kenneth Smith

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  UMUC Asia
Category:  Collegiate
Program:  Business Administration


Before attending college, I spent four years as an enlisted member of the United States Marine Corps. Thanks to the GI Bill, I was able to be the first member of my family to pursue a university degree. I received my B.S. in Accounting from the University of Alabama in 1982. I then accepted a position with Internal Revenue Service. During my employment with IRS, I returned to school to pursue my MBA, which I received from Jacksonville State University in 1987. I left IRS in July 1988 to attend Middle Tennessee State University on a full-time basis to pursue my Doctor of Arts in Economics, which I received in 1990. I taught for one year at MTSU in the Department of Economics and Finance. I then accepted a position at Morehead State University in Kentucky, where I spent three years in the Department of Accounting, Economics, and Finance. I then returned to Alabama to pursue a consulting career on a full-time basis. I opened a tax practice and consulted in the area of General  and Environmental Economics. However, I missed teaching, so I accepted a part-time position with a community college and taught Accounting and Economics. In 1998, I joined UMUC as a member of the Russian Undergraduate Program. I spent the 1998/1999 academic year in Vladivostok, Russia. This was probably one of the most fulfilling periods for me as a Lecturer. When UMUC stopped offering on-site instruction, I joined the Asian Division. Since joining the Asian Division, I have been stationed in Korea and Japan.

Nomination Essay

I've been with UMUC, in Russia, and now in Asia since August 1998. During that time, I've seen many changes and rapid developments. I feel that my experiences with UMUC provide me with a background that can benefit faculty, not only in Asia, but throughout the UMUC community.

Since coming to UMUC-Asia, I've taught in Korea and Japan. Further, I served for two years as the BMGT Academic Director, thus traveling extensively to our locations in Asia. My teaching experience, administrative experience, and general knowledge of UMUC-Asia will assist in representing the faculty on issues of concern and interest to faculty in Asia. I'm accessible to all on a constant basis, and will attempt to keep you informed and look out for your interests.